Thursday, May 27, 2010

Positive Thinking: I'll Get My Financial Freedom Soon!

Almost three years ago, during my husband’s first contract abroad as an overseas worker, he discussed with me about my credit cards. We even talked about getting a loan from a government institution and then settle all the outstanding accounts from the 3 different credit cards I have. When he gets home after his first contract he discovered that I just consolidated all the accounts in one card so he was not very happy with that decision. It’s because he still believes that using credit cards is not a wise habit for it negatively implies “living beyond your means.” I reasoned out that having credit card is important especially during emergency cases. But even then, he is not sold out with this idea because he said it can lead me into so many unwise purchases and end up with a lot of financial obligations to settle. So, I pray that within this year I will have extra financial blessings for my credit card debt settlement. I know I can still control myself from using these cards but I’ll still want to have my financial freedom. Having credit card debts weigh down a lot of people.