Friday, May 28, 2010

Payday Today...Enjoy Your Paycheck!

Our HR officer looks like a walking cash whenever she arrives here to arrange our payroll. Like right now…everyone is beaming, and excitement is obvious in their eyes, lol! Well, payday is one of the most awaited days of all employees because they will finally receive the fruits of their 15 days of labor. To those who are earning a lot, they will be enjoying their pay check so much. Enough to pay bills, buy important needs, and a portion for their savings as well. But those with payday advance, it’s would be just enough for the payback time. Payday advance is also a big help, we can’t undermine that fact, especially if one is having an urgent need. I just hope that it won’t be a habit for many employees because with this, they cannot enjoy their paycheck once it arrives. We have to be financially wise these days and take control over our fianances and spending habits.