Thursday, May 13, 2010

My 10th Photo

Sheez, it's been a long time since I post a tag here and now I'm posting my first for this year. I got his tag from Jona :)

Here are the RULES:

1. Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted.

2.Tell us a little about it.

3.Tag five more players.

4.Let the fun begin!

Here's the tenth photo I posted on this blog. I begin blogging when I was preparing for my wedding so the very first batch of photos I posted here were all about my wedding. It was one of the happiest moment of my life.

Now, I tag you: Toni, Milet, Chris, Jacque, and Vannie


Vanniedosa said...

i'm tagged :)thanks mhay!!

Toni said...

thanks for the tag. i'm done na. :)

Vanniedosa said...

done :)) Thanks for the tag mhay!