Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Thoughts As of This Time...

Never mind my title...I can't really think of something. I’ve been staring blankly on my screen for 30 minutes already and still I can’t gather my thoughts to write something creative. I’ve 30 minutes more left to finish this tonight because I need to follow my schedule. After these, I’ll be taking care of my little boy and put him to sleep.

Speaking about the little boy, he’s still awake and “playing” with her aunt. He’s turning two months on the 22nd and he shows advance development. He can carry his neck can be hold (with proper care) on an upright position. Next week, I’ll be going to the mall to check on toys that has striking colors of red and black and mild for babies. These colors are attractive to babies and helps visual brain development. Having a new baby in the house brings back the excitement of a first time mom in me. I’m looking forward to journaling his milestones.


Paula said...

My post is up for the BC Bloggers' Party Warning: it's about me, me, and me. Read at your own risk!hihi

Now it's your turn. We'll be waiting for your post! :)