Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Little Lady

This was a portrait taken before her graduation day. Look at her....she looks like a lady. She really is growing fast. Next month she'll be turning 4, haaaay. She's no longer my baby. In fact she's becoming a real big sister. She's naughty most of the time, bullying the little boy, but she really love her brother. She's always ready to help mommy take care of him though sometimes she feeds him with a remote control, lol! little girl, you're really growing so fast and I hope to be the best mom for you forever. I Love you..


Ozzy's Mom said...

hahaha, mhay, same sila ni Joshua, when he thinks i am not looking he bullies the little one. tapos when i look, "i love you baby" kaagad ang drama :)
but i know he loves his lil brother, naughty lang talaga ang kids minsan.

your daughter looks so grown up here na. Ate na talaga :)