Friday, April 23, 2010


I’m so happy that after two months I can already go out. Yes, even the little one is with us when we go out to get some cool air in the mall, lol! And yesterday was one of those days. We went to SM Marikina just to refresh. We just went window shopping though we walk through the cyber zone to check the latest price of my dream laptop… (I’ve been yearning to get a macbook with a great mac memory). As always there were people in the area sitting on the floor and on the benches tinkering on their laptops. I’m not sure if the area is a wi-fi zone but I saw some people surfing the net, maybe it is. My husband said some of them are just “pasikat” (show-off)…well, I don’t know if that’s a bitterish remark or something, lol! But as for me, I really really want a macbook and I hope to get one someday.


Jona said...

me too want a macbook, wish ko lang :D hope everything's alrighty! take care!