Thursday, March 04, 2010

Times passes by...

Time seem to passed me by everyday. Sometimes I find it great since everyday I'm looking forward to my full recovery. Be able to hold my new baby without the pain on my incision or have a time out with my little girl but sometimes I regret it since I know the day will come that I'll be returning to work again.

Talking about about returning to work, I can't imagine what my life would be when that day come. As of now, I'm enjoying to be a work at home mom. I'm quite busy though I'm on leave. I just set up my new home, and now I'm blogging to complete my assigned tasks before their due dates. My eyes are already tired. I'm bad. I know I still have to rest and don't have to stay long on computer screens, but I can't help it. Thank God my husband also understands my situation so sometimes he's the one posting here for my updates. :)

Well, I still have a lot to post here. My birthing story and some pics of the little boy. I hope I can finished them all before I return to work.