Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Looking Forwad...

We seldom go out now to go to the mall or eat out. I missed going out with my family. I'm apprehensive to go gallivanting around but whenever the thought that it would be hard for me to make long walks and stroll the mall, I dismiss the idea. Like last Sunday, my siblings were inviting me to go to mall and watch Avatar in 3D after. I almost said yes, but again remembered my present condition. Haayy…it's really hard so I'm so anxious to give birth. I'm counting the days and yes, I only needed to wait 20 more days.  I'll start my ML on the 15th and once I'm fully recovered, that's when I'll spend time to visit the mall and buy all the things that I've eyeing to buy for the house. We needed two children's cabinets, a new bed sheet for the little girl's bed, new sets of curtains and  I hope we can also buy an AC and one of those LCD TVs I saw on display. Oh…I hope I'm not just wishing…..