Saturday, February 13, 2010

A lesson I learned a while ago...

Daddy’s not here. He went out for a while to visit a friend. While he’s out I took the little girl to the nearby mall and ate at Chowking (I’m craving for Halo-halo, lol!). I never thought it would be difficult now for me to travel alone with a little girl in tow. When we were walking I realized, I couldn’t catch up with the little girl. She’s walking faster than me. I felt my knees are shaking (maybe because I’m carrying a big baby inside me, haha!) but no, I don’t need a knee arthritis treatment yet, lol! And while inside Chowking the little girl told me that she’s going to pee, I didn’t thought about that--How can I managed to assist a little girl without worrying that the crews will clean our table when they saw that no one is occupying it. Haayz! Good thing we were seated near the rest room so I led the little girl inside and wait for her to finish while finishing our food. Actually she didn’t pee, she pooped. This made me realized, I won’t leave again without someone to help me with the little girl.