Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wish for it, Search for it and Pray... ;-)

After Christmas, what comes next? Of course, Valentine’s Day, a day for all couples, lol! So if you haven’t received any gift from your dear husbands last Christmas (like me, lol!)… Maybe you’ll receive something this time. Girls usually receives roses, chocolates and jewelries during this day so if you want to received something that you really, really like better search for them as early as now and do something so that your husbands will know what to give, but don’t make it so obvious, haha..(what an advise… lol!). Well, kidding aside, if you want to receive jewelries on Valentines, there are great finds at These are not genuine diamonds but they look like real ones. If you’re not that particular with jewelries like me, this is already a great gift. Se go on and pick the best costume jewelry earrings or necklace that you want, I just did. And hopefully on Valentine’s Day, I’ll received this one, haha!.