Saturday, January 09, 2010

Just my thoughts today...

We went to my OB this afternoon for my monthly check up. I’m supposed to visit her next week but we decided to go today since I’ve been feeling some discomforts lately. When she saw me she was a bit surprised. I got bigger, lol! But she said that my weight as well as the baby’s size is just normal. Honestly, I do feel that I‘m heavier now and the weight of my tummy causes me to sway when I walk now, lol!

Well, my OB already asked me to choose the date so we’re now deciding what date is best. Honetly, I can’t wait to finally give birth. Being pregnant has lots of joyful and exciting moments but along with it comes uneasiness, anxiety and discomforts. But I’m glad that when summer comes the discomforts will be over.

Hmm...speaking of summer, I wish I can visit some beach, unwind and refresh after giving birth. And I wish we can go to some beach that’s good for the whole family and stay in a place like one of those north myrtle beach hotels. I really really want a time to relaxed..