Thursday, January 07, 2010

Answered Prayer.

I know we started the year right. Last January 2, instead of going somewhere to have fun we opted to go up to the prayer mountain. We spent half of the day there, laid down everything to God. We prayed for God's guidance and direction for us this year. We also prayed for our helper. And guess what? It was our first answered prayer because the next day, a good friend of us suddenly told us that she will recommend someone to be our helper. Originally, the person who's supposed to be the helper is her best friend's cousin but we ended hiring her best friend instead. It's really a long story but everything went well. So now we have Ate Grace.

She's 43 years old already and well-experienced. She's been to Singapore and Hong Kong already but came back. We could sense that she's going to be a great help to us. Plus she's also a Christian so it's a plus point. We're just hoping that she will last long and will be as what we expect her to be. Well, we're continuously praying for that and we believe that God hears us.