Friday, December 18, 2009

Revelation Day and a Wish Granted!

We had our yearly kris-kringle (Monito-Monita) revelation day in the office this afternoon. We had so much fun! We had sumptuous lunch complete with the best seller conti's Mango Bravo cake (wasn't able to take a pic since it's gone in just a few seconds, lol!) . We enjoyed lots of food!

The most exciting part is of course, the revelation part where we revealed the faces behind the code names. It's usually the fun part of the day. And indeed we had fun. All wishes were granted as well. And was the part I really loved. I got what I wished for and here it is....

.....yes! it's a Baby Couture diaper bag...!! I really love my mommy! (she's the one who chose the color and style) She was not able to give me all the items for the something-something but she gave me what I really wanted. I'm soooo happy.