Friday, December 18, 2009

Dream vacation

I’m dreaming of one of those cancun family vacations someday. I’ll let you in a secret…I’ve never traveled abroad since birth, lol! Ive never even traveled the whole Philippines. We’ll I’m a home buddy and I am not a well-traveled person. The farthest place that I’ve been was Zamboanga City and that’s way…way back in 2002. Now that I have my own family, how I wish that we can travel abroad for a family vacation. I wish that I can bring my family to Azul Beach Hotel at Riviera Maya someday. I’ve read that it’s a good place for family get together. They offer the best vacation facilities with the best service. They also promise good pampering for everyone that will come there to enjoy the place. Pampering…that’s what I love to have right now…

Geez, I guess I really have to save for that dream vacation. And I hope that someday my wish will come true.