Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Sister

My darling little girl...she has already accepted the fact that she's now the "Big Sister".

Since we learned that we're having another baby, I've got mixed emotions. For more than three years, I treated the little girl as my baby and the thought of having another child made me realized that there's going to be another addition to the family and that my little baby will now become an "ATE". During the first months of my pregnancy she had a hard time accepting that. She would always say that she's the baby and what's inside mommy's tummy is the "Ate". But as my tummy grows, her level of acceptance also improved.

Now, she would always talk to baby and tell him what she did in school, what she's eating (that it's not meant for sharing yet since baby is still inside), what she did with mommy and daddy (that she enjoyed the rides or the place so much and when the baby comes out they will play together...)

And when I cry because of leg cramps or tummy aches, she would always stop what she's doing and will ask me why and what's wrong..then she'll get anything that will soothe my pain or call her dad to help me.

That's my little girl...and though she's now the big sister, she would always remain mommy's baby :)