Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekend Mission: Clean Up and Organized!

It's almost two weeks now since we moved and until now, the house is still a mess. We don't have a helper yet so the work load of cleaning, clearing, arranging things and dusting are left to me and my husband to do. And since I'm at work 5 days a week, the workload is not yet done until now. We don't even have our Christmas decors yet as well since we still have to look for the decors in the storage room. Even the curtains are not yet hanged. Hubby already installed the hooks for the drapes yesterday so when I arrived from work, I'm excited to hang the curtains but got disppointed when I could not find them. They are still in one of the boxes in the storage room. Oh well, I think the coming saturday will be alloted for the continuation of our general cleaning and installing of window screens since dust is everywhere in the house! How I wish we had a central vacuum that will sucked them all! lol...

I admit I'm meticulous and a little OC when it comes to cleanliness and organization inside the house but now, I have to be patient and hopefully everything will be done before December.