Wednesday, November 04, 2009


We’ve already started renovating the new house. Yesterday, the painter was able to finish painting the rooms, ceiling and walls. One more coating and it will be done. Their next job will be installing some moldings for the ceiling, repainting the doors and installing the vinyl tiles and cabinets. After finishing all the works inside the house, they will be concentrating on the backyard and kitchen area. We’re also planning to repaint the front side of the house and install wall sconce to make it livelier.

We spent a lot for its renovation but hubby said that we need not think about all the expenses. We just have to think that we’ll stay here long to maximize the house and all the expenses. After all, the owner told us to have this house as long as we want. I can’t wait to finally see the newly renovated house this Saturday. Hopefully the workers will be able to finish all the works before week end.