Wednesday, November 18, 2009


...the time I usually arrived in the office since we transferred. No matter how early I wake up, I still arrive at 8:30 and for me, it's not good. I'm contemplating why I come in the office later than before and here's what I found out.
  1. I wake up at 6am and prepare for my bath. I'll be done preparing for work at 6:45.
  2. I have to eat breakfast before I leave the house, and since we don't have a helper now, hubby usually prepares breakfast for me. I'll be eating my breakfast at arounf 7am, that is if he finishes cooking before 7am. Depends if he wakes up early too, lol!
  3. I'll leave the house by 7:30, the time my daughter wakes up since we moved. I usualy wait for her to wake up so I can bid goodbye.
  4. My travel time to the shuttle station is 10 minutes so I'll arrived there by 7:45. Sometimes, I still have to wait for shuttles to arrived like this morning. It took me 15 minutes to get a ride. The suttle left the station at 8am.

Now, having these findings, and wanting to arrived earlier at work, I need to wake up earlier than 6am starting tomorrow and not wait for my daughter to wake up before I leave. Now, that's a little sacrifice on my part. :(