Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Faster or The Safer?

There are plenty of slimming and diet pills out in the market but still my friend wants the best diet pill that works fast. She’s planning to join a contest next year and she only has three months to lose weight. I told her that she still has plenty of time, so she doesn’t have to rush. She can even use the natural way of losing weight so I advise her that if she want, she can enroll in a gym and hire a good instructor. Natural way of slimming is still the best right? But of course, diet supplements can still help. She said, she’ll start going to the gym next month.

Aching Feet....

...and legs. That's what I have right now...Huhuhu...

I've been neglecting this for a month already so now I'm starting to reap my unwise moves. I know I should not sleep on my right side, should have elevated my legs when sleeping, should not stand or sit for long periods of time...and should exercise and massage my legs before going to sleep. In short, I should have not abused my legs, but I didn't.

Today, I noticed these veins that are starting to swell already and the whole day, I suffered the burning pain that comes with it. It's really painful. And I don't want to suffer so much so starting tonight I'll do the right thing.

I just hope that they will return to their normal state after I gave birth...


Until now, we haven’t had a final group presentation yet for our Christmas party. Everyone seems very busy so I’m having a hard time gathering them to meet and talk about what we will do. Sigh…I’ve already consulted some dance instructors including my sister. But I guess she won’t be able to really dedicate enough time to teach the group since she’s busy as well. She’s working from 2pm to 10pm in an industrial computer company. I don’t know now what to do…we only have a week to prepare :( Don you think we can still do it or should we just back out and decide not to perform? Haaayy....


Today, some parts of the world are celebrating Thanksgiving day…so to all of you who are celebrating this day, Happy Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy all the pumpkin dishes and of course the turkey. But above all, please don’t forget the main reason of the celebration. Thank God for His goodness, faithfulness and loving kindness. We have to acknowledge God as the main reason why we are still here, enjoying life and all that He has blessed us to have.

Have a wonderful celebration!

My Wish

Christmas is coming and here in the office we’ve already started our annual kris-kringle (gift-giving) and our official exchange gift which will be held next week. My office mates already submitted their wish list so that they will receive the gifts they want. How I wish that my wish could really be granted. I’m wishing for an iphone complete with all iphone accessories, lol! But with just an amount of P200 pesos, I doubt, it won’t be possible! hehe.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just my thoughts...

Christmas is coming but it will be a different Christmas compare to last year. For one, this year, hubby is already with us to celebrate the holidays which is really a blessing to us. And two, funds are low since hubby's not working, so we need to cut down our expenses and Christmas shopping might be affected. Last year, I received a gold necklace from him, this year, I’m not expecting any gift since as I’ve said, funds are low :D. I wouldn’t expect anything from him. even a silver jewelry. But what’s important is we’re complete and we'll celebrate Christmas together.

Speaking of silver, a friend (a hobbyist in coins), just informed me that he’s considering trading his silver coins online. He found out through how he can make profit from trading his long-kept silver dollar and rare coins. Well, that’s really good for him. Nowadays, we have to think creatively to make even our hobby profitable.

Be Happy

Well, I am!

{image grabbed here}


I was able to hang the curtain in the living room last night...finally! My hand is itching to do this since last week but as as I've said here, I wasn't able to get the curtains from the boxes not until last night. My avidness finihed the work and I was satisfied that we finally have curtains :D. My next target is to finished setting up the Christmas tree and finished putting up the Christmas decors :), hopefully, I'll finished this on Saturday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekend Mission: Clean Up and Organized!

It's almost two weeks now since we moved and until now, the house is still a mess. We don't have a helper yet so the work load of cleaning, clearing, arranging things and dusting are left to me and my husband to do. And since I'm at work 5 days a week, the workload is not yet done until now. We don't even have our Christmas decors yet as well since we still have to look for the decors in the storage room. Even the curtains are not yet hanged. Hubby already installed the hooks for the drapes yesterday so when I arrived from work, I'm excited to hang the curtains but got disppointed when I could not find them. They are still in one of the boxes in the storage room. Oh well, I think the coming saturday will be alloted for the continuation of our general cleaning and installing of window screens since dust is everywhere in the house! How I wish we had a central vacuum that will sucked them all! lol...

I admit I'm meticulous and a little OC when it comes to cleanliness and organization inside the house but now, I have to be patient and hopefully everything will be done before December.


...the time I usually arrived in the office since we transferred. No matter how early I wake up, I still arrive at 8:30 and for me, it's not good. I'm contemplating why I come in the office later than before and here's what I found out.
  1. I wake up at 6am and prepare for my bath. I'll be done preparing for work at 6:45.
  2. I have to eat breakfast before I leave the house, and since we don't have a helper now, hubby usually prepares breakfast for me. I'll be eating my breakfast at arounf 7am, that is if he finishes cooking before 7am. Depends if he wakes up early too, lol!
  3. I'll leave the house by 7:30, the time my daughter wakes up since we moved. I usualy wait for her to wake up so I can bid goodbye.
  4. My travel time to the shuttle station is 10 minutes so I'll arrived there by 7:45. Sometimes, I still have to wait for shuttles to arrived like this morning. It took me 15 minutes to get a ride. The suttle left the station at 8am.

Now, having these findings, and wanting to arrived earlier at work, I need to wake up earlier than 6am starting tomorrow and not wait for my daughter to wake up before I leave. Now, that's a little sacrifice on my part. :(

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Field Trip

Just want to share some of my daughter's photos during her school's educational tour in Tagaytay last Thursday. I was the one who went with her since daddy needs to attend to important matters that day. Their itinerary for that day was first, theLeisure Farm, then to Paradizoo, and the last stop is at Gardenia factory.

I'm not able to take some pictures inside the Gardenia factory since electronic gadgets and digital cameras are prohibited inside the plant. There were also unexpected circumstances that caused delays to our trip so we're not able to buy bread as well since when arrived at the place, the store is already close.

It was a tiring day but I enjoyed it with my daughter :).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking for something

I was at a health store in a mall last week to look for some oil and cocoa butter for my itching and stretching tummy. I moseyed on over to all the displays looking for that particular lotion but unfortunately the product is out of stock. What was in stock are fat burners and some health supplements.

Left with nothing to do I just go through their other items and bought some healthy crackers. I went home a little disappointed. I told my self, I'll try next week. So, I called the store this morning and the sales lady happily informed me that the product is already on stock.... yey!!I really need that so I might buy tomorrow. Hmmm..I just hope that it will really help sooth my itching tummy :D

We've settled down a bit.

I'm back..finally, I can blog :)

Last week was a busy week for all of us here in the house and the past few days has been an adjustment. We've already moved in the new house and so far so good. It's more spacious, we have more privacy and we have a front yard where the little girl can play.

The fast days was so tiring as well. Since we don't have a helper yet, I did all the chores. I did all the packing, unpacking, and rearranging of our things. i just made sure that I don't work too much since I'm also concerned with baby #2. Also this week is examination week for the little girl so I also review her every time I got home from work. So my schedule for the week is cook food for dinner, wash dishes, clean the little girl then review her lessons before she sleeps. I just hope that like last grading, she'll give us good exam results ;D.

As for the house, we still have a lot to arrange and repair. We need to install drape wires and hooks for the curtains (I haven't hung the curtains yet), apply for a telephone line with dsl and also apply for a cable TV. All these, we're doing one at time, and we're praying that we'll be able to finished everything before the year ends.

That's all for now. I'll be posting some pictures next time :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


We’ve already started renovating the new house. Yesterday, the painter was able to finish painting the rooms, ceiling and walls. One more coating and it will be done. Their next job will be installing some moldings for the ceiling, repainting the doors and installing the vinyl tiles and cabinets. After finishing all the works inside the house, they will be concentrating on the backyard and kitchen area. We’re also planning to repaint the front side of the house and install wall sconce to make it livelier.

We spent a lot for its renovation but hubby said that we need not think about all the expenses. We just have to think that we’ll stay here long to maximize the house and all the expenses. After all, the owner told us to have this house as long as we want. I can’t wait to finally see the newly renovated house this Saturday. Hopefully the workers will be able to finish all the works before week end.

The Richwell Sale is Here Again!

Want to shop for your kids and inaanak this Christmas? You should come and visit the Richwell sale. It's an annual sale of branded kid's items like toys, clothes, shoes, etc. at 80% off! I was there last year and was able to buy a lot of items for my daughter, nieces, and nephew.

for sure, a lot of people will be coming for this sale again so better come as early as you can so that you can still choose from a lot of items. As for me, I just hope that at my state, I can still go :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

I'm Sick :(