Monday, October 19, 2009

We're Moving.

We’ve finally decided to let go of the house we planned to buy from HDMF and decided to just rent for a while until we’re able to save enough to buy a property not under HDMF. So last week, we’ve decided to scout a house somewhere in Marikina that was not affected by the flood. Luckily we found one in Marikina Heights. We’ve already visited the place and talked to the owner and finally closed the deal. We’ll be moving next month. Hubby also decided not to sell the car anymore since the house that we got has a garage where it can be parked. I’m thankful for that. That car has a sentimental value to us so I am really having second thought when he told me he wants to sell it. Now, we’ll just improve that car with necessary car accessories. This will be one of the things on our list to start our 2010 plan.

I'm excited for the new house. This week, we'll be starting to buy boxes to pack our things. It will be a new start that I hope, a really good start for us...


Migs said...


I'm also looking for a new house. How much did you get the one at Marikina Heights and do you think there are still any available units left?