Monday, October 12, 2009

Silver Investments

Will you prefer silver jewelries over gold ones? I don’t think so since gold is a very popular precious stone. Even I would always prefer gold jewelries from sterling silver. But did you know that like gold, silver is also one of the popular metals that people invests on?

Silver is of lesser value comparing to gold. But during the early times it has been regarded as well as a form of money. Remember? Judas betrayed Jesus with 30 pieces of silver? As early as the bible’s time, silver had been widely used as a form of money.

But since nowadays silver and gold is not anymore regarded as money, it can still be a good means for successful businesses. More people now are into silver investment. And according to an article I read, investors of silver increased in 2009 and will continue to increased in the years to come.

But why invest in silver and not gold? Well, if you can’t afford investing in gold, then try investing in silver, right? There are various methods on how to invest in silver. One is the traditional way which is buying silver bullion bars. In Switzerland, silver bullion bars can be sold or even bought over the counter on major banks. Another way is buying silver coins. I think silver coins are priced according to their age. I’m not really particular about it but to make sure, you can ask the experts at the commodity market for I think they have different prices for junk silver coins and sterling silver coins. Another method is buying silver rounds. From what I’ve searched, silver rounds are produced by a huge array of mints, generally contain a troy ounce of silver in the shape of a coin.

But here’s one thing that first time investors should remember. Whether you invest on gold or silver, you must equip yourself with the important and relevant information before entering this business. Read, research, and educate your selves. Because like the stock markets, silver investment can be very risky as well if you do not know what you’re entering into. And just make sure that what you’re using for any investments is not hard earned money but only your extras because if you fail, it could be very hard to accept.