Monday, October 05, 2009

It's a sunny new day!

The sun is up today...this morning I was greeted with a bright sunny morning. There were still traces of calamity in our street but I'm so thankful that the storm after Ondoy did not affect us. Last Friday I was really praying hard that typhoon Pepeng won't hit us like the previous typhoon and the Lord was so merciful..He answered our prayers.

Our house is still a mess we haven't finish clearing and cleaning up yet...there's so much to do. But I already went to work today. Life goes on, right?

Our city is still recovering and the effort of our city government to boost the people's morale has been very helpful.. all over the city there where posters that bears these encouraging words: "Bangon Marikina, Kaya Natin 'To!".. indeed we can. We hope we can. The city government hopes that at least 90% we'll be back to normal at 3 weeks time. I'll help pray for that.

Oh, by the way...I'm already 18 week's pregnant... my preggy updates are all posted on my other blog.

Happy sunny Monday everyone!