Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm here...

Its been a while again. I wasn't able to post some updates since there were rotational power interruptions in my place lately. Also, blogger has been blocked in our sad :(

Anyway, things are slowly going back to normal in our place. The garbage dumps are now being removed by MMDA and so far they have cleared and cleaned a lot of barangays already. The sun is up and shining as well so the mud on the roads were all dried up. So far, I can already see that everything will be back no normal in no time. I just felt sad that the typhoon has hit the Luzon as well and from what I saw in the news last night, it has left a lot of places in Luzon in a very devastating condition...and all I can do is just pray for them.. :(

As for me, I'm already 18 weeks pregnant. I can't wait to reach my third trimester. I'm also happy to see that the little lady is now beginning to accept the fact that she's now an "ate". She loves kissing my tummy and talking to the baby inside it :). I just hope that she'll be as good and kind when the baby arrives. As I'm posting this, the little lady is fast asleep. The husband is out to preach to the congregation in Mandaluyong, and the new helper (I'll post about her next time), is out for her day off. She just started last Thursday and now she's having a day off, sigh.

Anyway, I'll have so many things to finish before the day ends. They both online and offline tasks. I hope I can finish them all before the deadline. Good luck to me :D