Friday, October 02, 2009


I’m glad we already have our supply of electricity back though our PLDT line has no service yet. I need to call a certain company but I don’t have their number. Our yellow pages got soaked as well. Good thing I was able to set up our computer (which we’re able to saved from the flood) and I have my smartbro on hand. I was able to checked a free directory online. The internet is such a big big help.

Also yesterday I was able to get a new SIM card with my old number from smart wireless center though I don’t have the proof of ownership with me. The SIM card and the pertinent papers got lost in the flood as well. But since that number is so important to me I did all I can to have it back. Thank God some people in the wireless center understood my situation and gave me a new SIM.

I count all these as blessings…the Lord is good!