Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Things That Make You Feel Old

1. My age
2. When I'm looking at the calendar and realizing that I'll be off it next year ;D
3. Wearing my prescription glasses.
4. Finding a few white hair.
5. Wrinkles?
6. Being in a crowd of teenagers.
7. Dry skin.
8. When I can't relate with modern music and new singers teenagers talk about.
9. When I feel that the latest fashion trend won't look good to people my age.
10. Wearing my mom's clothes.

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Joanne MV said...

Hugs to you. Don't fret. As I always say "Age is just numbers" =)

The key to being young is to live a happy life ;)

Here's my list -> http://www.joannemv.com/?p=216