Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She's losing weight :(

I’m worried about my daughter’s continuous weight loss. She’s down to 13 kilos now from 15 kilos two months ago. (of course I did not gave her any of the best diet supplements!) She’s taking her daily vitamins, she drinks enough amount of milk everyday, but she doesn’t eat full meals. That's the problem....She only eats a lot when I’m eating with her, and that 's during dinner time only. Her dad can’t get her to eat a lot during lunch. He loses his power over her, and lunch time is becoming a begging-haggling event. Her pedia advised to give her an appetite stimulant but to no avail..her eating habit is still the same.

I don’t know what else to do with her. *sigh*


MiLeT said...

naku mhay sabihin mo kay jerry, pilitin nyang kumain. ganyan din kami ni anevay dati. pag sinabi nyang ayaw na titigil na ko kaso bumaba BMI nya so sabi ng pedia maging strict daw. so talagang naging strict ako. one cup of rice dapat ubusin nya during meal time. nung umpisa mahirap kasi talagang ang tagal pero eventually it pays off. constant na weight gain ngayon ni anevay. tsaka pala if you want maghalo ka ng corn oil sa rice. sabi kasi ng pedia un na daw pumalit sa star margarine ngayon. nakatulong naman kay anevay.