Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Please Help.

Since Marikina was massively hit by the flood almost all business establishments here were affected. Supermarkets, clinics, even hospitals, drugstores and even mini stores are close. Some open stores are crowded with people hoping to buy goods. A lot of people are willing to queue the long line just to buy bread and rice. Last Monday, I tried to send my brother to look for my amoxicillin and prenatal vitamins and hgh supplement for my BIL but drug stores are closed.

Our city really needs every help we can get as well as other places who were seriously affected like Cainta, Pasig and some provinces of Rizal. Please do help…

Posting after the disaster...

I‘m back to work. If you'll asked if we're affected by the calamity..yes we were. I never thought that we’ll be terribly affected. Minutes after I wrote my post on my other blog, the flood already entered our house and we we’re not able to save a lot of things. It was a horrible experience. But I’m thankful that the Lord did not left us when we need Him most. He kept us safe and nobody in the family got hurt. I feel sorry for those who have lost their love ones…those who have lost their homes. Those that until now have no food to eat, clothes to wear and shelter to live. Those who are struggling to move on.

Yesterday the sun was already up and some parts of the streets were dried. We went around to look for an ATM were I can withdraw some cash but we found none in Marikina. On our way, I saw the great damage the typhoon and the flood left through out Marikina. Mud is all over. It was really a disaster. Upon seeing these I was thinking, how long will we able to restore the whole city. Maybe it will take months.

We were able to find a BPI ATM center at Quezon City and a supermarket nearby. Since it’s hard to buy commodities in Marikina, it was a blessing to us that there’s a supermarket nearby. The place was crowded with shoppers who seem to be on panic buying. I’m just not sure if what they are buying are for their own consumption or for donation to those who were greatly affected. Anyway, I’m thankful that we’re able to buy our basic needs and necessities.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning our house and washing our clothes that got soaked in the flood. And since the supply of electricity was not yet restored, we have no choice but wash all of them using our hands. It was a tiring job. As of this moment, our house is better though our bed and furniture are still soaked.

The whole experience thought us a great lesson in life. And amidst all of these, God is still in control.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


...I’ve not been posting regularly lately…I was busy with some other things lately that sometimes I can’t find a time writing a post. I’m so preoccupied with so many offline task and some personal problems to be fixed, that’s why.

It’s a lazy rainy Saturday so I was able to have time to go online and check my emails. There’s one particular email I received today about an seo software that can help boost my site’s traffic. I don’t have an idea how this will work I guess will just ask Mr. Google about it. I have three sites that I promised to keep updated regularly and I’m really hoping that I can get the most of them as I enhance and update and them.

Blogging is a hobby that I promise to keep doing as long as I can.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HoT #107

Heads Or Tails

The theme/prompt for THIS week, September 22, is:

HEADS - "Book"

These are some of my little girl's books. She loves different kinds of books from fairy tales to bible stories. But her favorite is her first bible which I gave to her when she was just two years old. Until now, she always keep the book beside her when she sleeps at night and loves mommy to tell her the bible stories inside before she sleeps. :)

10 Things You Need to Plan For

My first time to join the's my first entry! :)

  1. Christmas List
  2. Christmas shopping
  3. Office's Christmas Party
  4. Giving Birth
  5. The new baby's needs
  6. My maternity leave ;)
  7. The little girl's educational tour in Tagaytay
  8. Moving to a new house
  9. Getting a cable and DSL connection
  10. Hubby's business proposal

More entries here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She's losing weight :(

I’m worried about my daughter’s continuous weight loss. She’s down to 13 kilos now from 15 kilos two months ago. (of course I did not gave her any of the best diet supplements!) She’s taking her daily vitamins, she drinks enough amount of milk everyday, but she doesn’t eat full meals. That's the problem....She only eats a lot when I’m eating with her, and that 's during dinner time only. Her dad can’t get her to eat a lot during lunch. He loses his power over her, and lunch time is becoming a begging-haggling event. Her pedia advised to give her an appetite stimulant but to no avail..her eating habit is still the same.

I don’t know what else to do with her. *sigh*


Isang gabi bago kami matulog... (this was after our long conversation and harutan)

Jaden: "Mommy, iihel ako tsaka pepetsil.."
Me: "Huh?"
Jaden: "Sige na mommy, iihel ako tsala pepetsil.."
Me: (thinking that she wants to pee) "okay, go to the CR.."
Jaden: "No, mommy..ihel tsaka petsil..."
Me: "Ok, sige..sige.." (giving her a go signal to do what she wanted)

Tumayo siya bigla, put both her hands on her hips and goes...

Jaden: Iheeel...(inhales air)...petsil....(blows the air)...iheeeel......petsil...(then again, and again...)

Grabe, hagalpak talaga ako ng tawa sa ginawa! I was laughing my heart out when she noticed me. She stopped, gave me a curious look, and covered her face blushing...

Now I understand what she meant....iheeel...petsil!..iheeel....petsil...!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

LP 74: Lansangan

Magandang araw ng Huwebes! Matagal-tagal na rin akong hindi nakalahok sa LP gayunpaman, nais kong manatiling miyembro nito kahit paminsan na lamang akong lumahok.

Lansangan ang tema sa linggong ito. Ito ang ilan sa mga lansangan sa Hong Kong, na sa totoo lang, pangarap kong makita sa ting bansa...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Another Long Weekend!

We will be enjoying yet another long weekend.

Just yesterday, the president declared Monday as a National Holiday to pay respect for the INC leader’s burial. I was on leave yesterday and I just learned about the declaration when I heard the news on TV. Isn’t it great? Yeah, that means I have a lot of time to bond with my family, run some errands and visit our dentist. It’s been a plan since last month, but can’t find time. We’ll just have my daughter’s teeth and hubby’s braces checked so we won’t be going to charlotte cosmetic dentist but just a regular dental check up.

Well, I just hope I’ll be able to fixed and follow the schedule I’ll prepare for the long weekend.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

WW: Her Colorful Mess

My daughter on her playtime...busy with playdoh.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Our Weekend {Aug. 29-31}

Today is the start of the working was your long weekend?

As for me, I had a productive weekend and holiday. We didn't go to any place. We just stayed home and enjoyed the presence of each other.

And here's what happens during my long weekend.:

Last Saturday was the little girl's "Linggo ng Wika" presentation at school. We arrived at school before 8am since the program will be starting early. She was dressed in the traditional "baro't saya". The program was short and simple. My daughter's class was the last to present. And unfortunately, she got the stage fright. She wasn't able to participate as she just stood there sobbing while her classmates were singing. I'm a bit disappointed but it's okay, I know moments like this can be really expected to a 3 year-old girl. Her teacher was even surprised at her behavior since according to her, my daughter was doing very good during their rehearsals. Haay...anyway, I know there will come a time that she will be able to overcome the stage fright.

My sobbing little girl :D

After the program, their report cards were distributed and we're very happy with her grades and class standing. We are not expecting too much since she was the youngest in her class but she was doing well in school. We're so proud of her.

After that we had our brunch at the nearest Jolibee. When we arrived home, I did some cleaning and hanged the laundry to dry. In the afternoon, we went to the mall with my sister and nieces so the kids can have a little time to have fun.

Sunday, after the church service, we went to the groceries to buy our supplies, eat out and went to bed early.

Yesterday, we did some general cleaning in the house. Good thing our new helper arrived on time to help us. I'm not sure how long this new helper will be with us but I hope she's better than our previous helper. In the afternoon, we went to CD-R King at SM Marikina to have the mouse that I bought the other day replaced, bought some supplies for the new helper. Had dinner and slept early.

I'm thankful that we already have a new helper, now we can have enough time for the little girl. Over all, it's a wonderful weekend. We had a lot of time spent with our daughter.