Thursday, August 06, 2009

My School Girl.

It's been long since I post an update here about my daughter. Well, she's now attending school and today until Monday is her first quarter exams.

While watching Cory's funeral yesterday, I was also reviewing my daughter for her exams. There are lots of review items and I'm really thinking if she can handle the exams well. Jaden is a fast learner but her hand coordination still needs some improvement (she once colored one of her seatwork and my, you might think its one kind of Halloween invitations, lol!), so I really have to be patient with her. Though she impresses me when I asks her to recite her 3 memory verses and her 3 rhymes that are part of her exams. I've no problem with her recitations, I worry about her comprehension and her writing skills.

Anyway, I hope I've reviewed her enough. We'll see when we got her exam results next week. I really hope that she pass. :D