Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Man With A Good Heart?

My brother in law and my nephew had an accident two days ago. My brother in law fetched my nephew from school with a motorcycle. They were already in front of the house’s gate when from nowhere a motorcycle just appear from behind them and bumped into them. Both of them were injured but my brother in law got the worst bruises. His motorcycle’s side flaps were also damaged. Fortunately my nephew only got small wound on his ankle. He would like to file a complaint from the local police station but he also sympathized with the teenage driver. His complaint might get the teenager be detained in jail because of what he did. My brother in law just talked to the teenager’s parents and asks for medical assistance and financial assistance for the repair of his motorcycle. If he was just that bad he would not let that accident passed like those who even got the service of a Seattle personal injury lawyer. But being a good person that he is, he looked on both sides. Two days had passed and his bruises are much better now. I just hope that he will be given the financial assistance that he claims.