Friday, August 28, 2009


My 3 year old daughter knows how to escape from getting embarrassed. One night, as I was in the room reading a book she entered in and went straight to the dresser. She was combing her hair while enjoying her image on the mirror. At the corner of my eyes, I was observing her. Hindi ako nagpahalata na I was looking. She suddenly dropped her plastic comb. She turned to face me while accidentally stepping on the comb so you'll guess what happened. Nadulas siya, as in split talaga. What's funny was in an instant she burst out: "AY!...... HAPPINESS!!" sabay tawa. lol!

If you're familiar with Kim Chiu's commercial, I think it's Enervon, where she practice splits to get into the sale first, you'll understand what I'm saying. Nakakatuwa lang kasi instead of bursting into tears with what happened to her, she made a way out of it. Happiness talaga! hehehe! :)