Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Jaden is already 3.3 yo but we are still experiencing separation anxiety and the guilt that comes with it...

Yesterday she woke up early, just when I was preparing for work. Maybe because she's sick she isn't comfortable. When she saw me on my office uniform, she cried and wanted me to give her a bath. I refused since her temperature is still high (at 38.5). Nothing I said stopped her from crying. She really wanted to take a bath so she can come with me to the office. When I finally told her that I'll just give her a sponge bath so she can dress up, she agreed.

She was so excited when we finally left the house. When she noticed that we're heading to my parent's house, she asked why we we're going there. I just told her that I have to pick up something. She had no idea that she will not come with me but will just be dropped off to my parent's house. When we enter the house, I told my mom to get her attention so I can rush out. I felt sad upon leaving her there.

I hate the feeling that I can't be with her the whole day, especially when she's sick. I really feel the guilt of not being there to take care of her. But I guess, this is one of the consequences of being a working mom. :(


Vanniedosa said...

i can totally relate. buti nga ako work from home; 3rd floor nga lang so he doesn't see me din from 8-5 but we have lunch together.

i still feel guilty when i have to rush out the door when i go out para di umiyak.

ganyan talaga yan mommy mhay. downside of a working mom.

~ Mhay ~ said...

Van, you're really lucky na malapit ka lang sa kanya while working. Nagkakasama pa rin kau ng lunch. My daughter usually calls me lang when she arrived from school at kakain na ng lunch to say "love you mommy!"...awww..sarap ng feeling pa rin :)