Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Have you watched the SONA last Monday? I was able to watch half of it through the internet via live streaming. And now I was reading the full text. The SONA (State of the Nation Address) of Pres. Arroyo last Monday were filled with reports of good news, claims of achievements, promises of hopes and a better Philippines before her term ends in 2010. By now, her speech would have been dissected by various political analysts across the country. And the common people? I’m sure we are still weighing down everything she said, evaluating the truth from lies. I just hope we’ll be able to understand everything and be much wiser now.

Anyway, she reported on her speech about the Cheaper Medicine Law, which for me was one good thing that is going to happen next month. Many will benefit from this law. A 50% price cut for vital medicine will surely help the marginalized poor who suffer form various diseases. I just hope they will also passed a law that will give discount for various medical equipment. I’m sure this will be a great help as well not just among hospitals but to those who purchase medical equipments for home use. Well, let’s just hope for the best.