Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been quite a while again.

I was gone for a 3-day seminar in UP from Tuesday to Thursday and whenever I got home, I'm tired and wanted to rest. So many things happened lately which I really need to post here and I hope I'll be able to finish updating today :)

So here are some updates:

One. We already let go of our helper/nanny.
Finally, after her two years of service we let her go. It's hard because will start doing everything all by ourselves again. We decided to do this because she's gone overly complacent already with her job, she's become incompetent and almost always, giving us a headache. I won;t elaborate or tell in details everything that cause us to make this decision but since hubby is so much concern about my feelings during my pregnancy decided to just let her go even if we still don't have any replacement. It;s hard for the little girl since she already became very comfortable with her but it's really a decision that we need to make.

Two. The little lady suddenly didn't want to go to school :(
It happened because of their "Talent Exploration Day". The little lady was traumatized with one of her classmate's presentation who wore a transformer costume and moved and dance like a robot. Apparently, the little lady got scared with her classmate's mask so she went home that day crying and saying that she doesn't want to go to school anymore. The following day, classes were canceled so she wasn't able to perform. But again on Tuesday, when the selected students were chosen to perform their talents, she once again saw that mask and eventually cried. That made her cry every time she sees her uniform every morning. It's saddens me that I am not there to help her or even make her feel better. Yesterday she didn't go to school. She cried as soon as she stepped into her classroom So daddy just brought her home. Today when I left the house she was clinging to my pants and kept on telling me that she's not going to school anymore. I just hope and pray that she'll overcome this and eventually forget about her traumatic experience with that mask. :(


Kitts said...

Hi Mhay! I hope Jaden is ok with school again. Happy anniv! :D