Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Risk.

Some of my officemates are investing on stocks. Lately, affected maybe by the economic downfall, some of their stock investments are losing so before it happened, they decided to sell it. Investing on stocks is really risky. Even our office finance officer discouraged them in stock investment especially if the money that they are investing is hard-earned and not the extra. So to make my self more knowledgeable about stock investments, I started searching the net for it and came across PowerOptions, a very helpful site that guides stocks investors. They offer free online tools like educational materials, covered calls, and toll-free customer support for their clients. They also offer a 14-day free trial to those who want to try their service. As I’ve said stock investment is risky, so we should really equipped our selves with enough knowledge if we want to venture into this business.

Thankful Thursday: July

It's the last Thursday of July, the last week also. God has always been so good. We celebrated two occasions this month, we're blessed! I think this is my first entry for the month of July so I'll just summarize the things I'm thankful for the whole month.
  • We found out last July 8 that there will come a new addition to the family. Baby #2 has come and we are very thankful for this blessing.
  • We're living frugally lately because hubby doesn't have a job offer yet but we are very thankful that God has been giving us our needs enough to sustain our daily living. He's provision is always present.
  • I've celebrated my 31st birthday last July 20. I'm thankful for God's faithfulness in my life.
  • We also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last July 23. Indeed God has been the true foundation of our marriage. We're thankful that His love is always binding us. Making our relationship stronger.
  • Our daughter suffered ear infection but we're thankful for God's protection and healing.
So, that's to wrap-up the things I'm thankful for. How about you? Join us here.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Marriage Advice

Got this from I'm sure these will help us, married people.

Have you ever wondered "what is the secret to a long and happy marriage?" These secrets to a happy marriage come straight from the horse's mouth -- those who are happily married!

  1. Never assume.

  2. Compliment more than you criticize.

  3. For each time you vent about your husband/wife to your friends, tell three positive stories.

  4. Remember that it is ok to do things differently (e.g. there is more than one way to peel a potato or fold the laundry).

  5. Always make time for the two of you.

  6. Marry someone that you enjoy listening and talking to.

  7. Remember that marriage is sometimes a bed of roses and sometimes there are thorns.

  8. Remember that the best gift that you can give your children is to love their mother/father.

  9. Be fair! Split the housework, spending money, etc evenly. This way you are never resentful of your partners contributions (or lack of) or expenditures.

  10. Never go to bed angry. (Unless it's 3a.m. and you're exhausted, angry, and not thinking straight.)

  11. Remember that people do fight. It's how you do it that matters.

  12. Before starting an argument, consider if it's really worth it.

  13. Fight naked. ;)

  14. Agree to disagree.

  15. Never, ever mention the "D" word (divorce).

  16. Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?

  17. Respect each other's privacy.

  18. Remember that "love is like childhood. You need to learn to share."

  19. Marriage is not 50/50, it's two people giving 100/100 all of the time.

  20. Surprise each other now and then.

  21. The secret to a happy marriage is two TV's!

  22. Have date night!

  23. Never pass up an opportunity to say "I love you".

  24. Hold hands.

  25. Hug & kiss every day (several times a day actually!).

  26. Always believe that you got better than you deserved.

  27. Be quick to say "I'm sorry".

  28. Choose the one you love, then love the one you choose.

  29. Keep the in-laws out of your marriage!

  30. Love isn't always a feeling, it's a decision.

  31. Hang in there. It's worth it.

  32. Play nice, play often, love much.

  33. Never air your dirty laundry as a couple in public.

  34. Never keep secrets from each other.

  35. Be each other's champion. No matter what, take your husband or wife's side first!

  36. Communication is the key!

  37. Always respect each other.

  38. Never underestimate the power of a good belly-laugh and don't be afraid to laugh at yourself.

  39. It's the little things that matter most.

  40. Never use the words 'Always' and 'Never' in a fight.

  41. It's ok to argue, but never use curse words to express your anger.

  42. Never compare your marriage to others. What you see on the outside is not always what it is on the inside.

  43. Don't make love in the same place/position everytime. Variety is the spice of life!

Happy 4th.

...But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (Josh. 24:2, 15)

This verse has been our verse since our marriage. Last July 23, we celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary. By faith and by the Lord's guidance, we made it this far. We've lived separately for two years because of his work. There are people who won't believe that in spite of the distance we will remain faithful and loyal. But we've proven them wrong. I know we still have a long way to go...but with God as the third strand and as the center of our marriage I know we can withstand everything.

Having our dinner at Annabelle's T. Morato.


Have you watched the SONA last Monday? I was able to watch half of it through the internet via live streaming. And now I was reading the full text. The SONA (State of the Nation Address) of Pres. Arroyo last Monday were filled with reports of good news, claims of achievements, promises of hopes and a better Philippines before her term ends in 2010. By now, her speech would have been dissected by various political analysts across the country. And the common people? I’m sure we are still weighing down everything she said, evaluating the truth from lies. I just hope we’ll be able to understand everything and be much wiser now.

Anyway, she reported on her speech about the Cheaper Medicine Law, which for me was one good thing that is going to happen next month. Many will benefit from this law. A 50% price cut for vital medicine will surely help the marginalized poor who suffer form various diseases. I just hope they will also passed a law that will give discount for various medical equipment. I’m sure this will be a great help as well not just among hospitals but to those who purchase medical equipments for home use. Well, let’s just hope for the best.

WW: A Filipino Game

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Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been quite a while again.

I was gone for a 3-day seminar in UP from Tuesday to Thursday and whenever I got home, I'm tired and wanted to rest. So many things happened lately which I really need to post here and I hope I'll be able to finish updating today :)

So here are some updates:

One. We already let go of our helper/nanny.
Finally, after her two years of service we let her go. It's hard because will start doing everything all by ourselves again. We decided to do this because she's gone overly complacent already with her job, she's become incompetent and almost always, giving us a headache. I won;t elaborate or tell in details everything that cause us to make this decision but since hubby is so much concern about my feelings during my pregnancy decided to just let her go even if we still don't have any replacement. It;s hard for the little girl since she already became very comfortable with her but it's really a decision that we need to make.

Two. The little lady suddenly didn't want to go to school :(
It happened because of their "Talent Exploration Day". The little lady was traumatized with one of her classmate's presentation who wore a transformer costume and moved and dance like a robot. Apparently, the little lady got scared with her classmate's mask so she went home that day crying and saying that she doesn't want to go to school anymore. The following day, classes were canceled so she wasn't able to perform. But again on Tuesday, when the selected students were chosen to perform their talents, she once again saw that mask and eventually cried. That made her cry every time she sees her uniform every morning. It's saddens me that I am not there to help her or even make her feel better. Yesterday she didn't go to school. She cried as soon as she stepped into her classroom So daddy just brought her home. Today when I left the house she was clinging to my pants and kept on telling me that she's not going to school anymore. I just hope and pray that she'll overcome this and eventually forget about her traumatic experience with that mask. :(

Monday, July 20, 2009


I woke up early....

Cooked some food that I have to bring...

Had a hard time getting a cab to the office....

Didn't feel well due to nausea but still entertained my "guests" ...

Went home early to at least enjoy the day...

But instead...

Got soaked in the rain...

Witnessed an almost accident along the road...

Went home and cooked some more food...


And now writing my thoughts. :)

But I'm happy.

I'm a year older..

A year wiser...

Didn't received any expensive gifts...

But grateful for all the people around me...

Who love and care for me ...

Grateful for God.

Thankful for this day.

I'm 31....and happy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WW: New Life

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Benefits of Being insured.

With what happened in one unit in Parc Royale, I realized the importance of home insurance. The recent fire left nothing but ashes in that condo unit and I pity the owner. But I guess that property was properly insured. There are lots of benefits of getting our homes insured so that in case of accidents like this, we can be assured that we can still get something to help us start a new.

We are presently still living in our rented house but soon we hope we can already transfer to our new house which we’re able to acquire through Pag-ibig and thank God HDMF has policy on home insurance.

Friday, July 10, 2009

♫ Dan da da dan...♫

And the good news is this...
Align Center

yup..yup..yup! Baby#2 is here and we're so happy!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer Somewhere

Its summer now is some parts of the world. Oh how I miss summer because here in the Philippine summer ended so fast. Lourie, my friend, was excited because her daughter will be joining a summer camp for the first time while she and her husband will be going to the Outer Banks for a summer escapade. How sweet. I wish There are also activities like these in my place during summer. It would be fun!


Errr... not really that ground breaking but its a news and it's coming soon.....! :)

Love my skin.

I’ve got an advance birthday greeting from a friend who’s working in the US. She was my college friend and her birthday was just days before mine. She’s was so confident declaring her age, hahaha! I must admit, I too am not getting any younger. In few days I’ll be 31! Sheesh….one more year and I’ll be off the! And I know it’s time to use a wrinkle cream! lol! Kidding aside, I was told that when a woman reached the age of 30, her skin changes. That’s why we need to take vitamin E supplements and use creams. Honestly, I know we cannot prevent aging but we can slow it down with the help of these beauty products. So, yes. It’s time to love my skin.

Brain Drain

I was offline almost whole day today. We had our ROY planning at Astoria Plaza. We had no access to their wifi so I was not able to go online. The meeting was brain draining. We are supposed to end at 5pm but some presenter went over their time. Tomorrow, I will be attending our band rehearsal at 6pm and I want to sleep early. I hope tomorrow's meeting will end on time.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


After fixing the engines and had it tuned-up hubby is now concentrating on minor details and replacement of old parts of the car. He started buying tools for emergency purposes. He fixed the side mirrors and bought new lights, have it tinted, installed rain guards, and replaced the old seats. We’ve new sets of car seats now, courtesy of my brother in law. It’s now totally fixed and completely registered. I can’t wait to drive it…

Monday, July 06, 2009

Manic Monday #175

Name two things you consider yourself to be very good at:
~Singing (naks!)

Name two things you consider yourself to be bad at:
~Playing musical instruments

Name one thing not many people know about you:
~I'm a mom.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Time flies really fast.

That's what I hear every now and then. And really, time fly fast! The first half of the year have past and we are now entering the second half. It was a good half of the year. So many things have happened in my life and around me as well. I’m looking forward to the next 6 months and I hope and pray that the next 6 months will be much much better.

Anyway, we’ll be attending our general assembly later. We usually had our general assembly every first Friday of the month so that will be today. I’ll just finish my task about diet pill reviews and I’ll be off to prepare for the GA. I’m looking forward to seeing my picture among the birthday celebrant of the month! :)

Read and Be informed.

Do you have the habit of reading reviews first before buying something unfamiliar to you? I do, especially if it’s a health product. Reviews can help ease away doubts and can give you important facts about something. When I was pregnant and was prescribed by an antibiotic, I did the effort of searching for information about the drug that I was going to take, asked peoples’ opinion and read product reviews and labels.

Now, my friend was given a flier about Liporexall and asked me if I was familiar with it. Honestly, I don’t know anything about it except that it’s a diet pill. I told her to search for it in the internet and maybe she can find a liporexall review that will give her enough information about the product. It really helps reading the labels and knowing the details of a product. It can save us not just money but our health most importantly.

A Fire

I took this shot using my phone camera during the fire incident inside a building in Ortigas, Pasig. Some people say that this was in a condo unit in Amberland. I can't help but feel for the owner of this unit and also the people inside this building. They must have felt terror and hopelessness. I don't know how grave the damaged the fire brought but thank God that the whole building was not affected.

A prayer away...

The whole country is praying for Former President Cory Aquino. The public was informed before that the former president has colon cancer and she had undergone several tests and treatments already. Her family reported that she’s doing fine after these tests. But last night I’ve heard on the news that a lot of people are praying for her even those people who were against here during her term.

I’m not sure what exactly was happening, but maybe she’s in a bad state right now. I hope and pray as well that the former president will get better. Colon cancer like mesothelioma is a serious kind of cancer but nothing is really impossible to our Great Healer and He is just a prayer away.

Mommy Momments: Encounter with Animals

mommy moments

Today's theme has been suggested by one of our mommy moments participants. Encounter with pets or animals is quite common for our kids. As kids, they are quite fascinated with animals.

Last June 12, we brought Jaden to Manila Zoo. I never thought that it's still existing but when my friend told me it is, we decided to bring the little girl there, the first zoo in the Philippines, before we bring her to other zoos around. She saw a lot of animals like the elephant, tiger, turtles, monkeys and different kinds of birds , which she enjoyed so much

Here she was... talking to the ostrich...

While here, embracing an elephant statue :)

We're planning to take her to Avilon Zoo next time.

A day off.

Yesterday was holiday in the area where I work so I had a day off and I get to spend time with my family. It was my first time to go with my daughter to school and also my first time fetching her after her class. I saw that the little girl was also happy that I was with her. Fifteen minutes before the bell rang, I was already there to fetch her. It’s good that there’s a TV (on an LCD mount) at the waiting area. Parents can chit-chat and watch something while waiting for their children.

I really enjoyed my day. I wish I can do this to my child everyday but work does not permit me. In times like this, I can't help but wish that I’m a WAHM.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

LP #64: Kandado

Ipagpaumanhin po ang aking di pagsali ng mahigit isang buwan sa LP...pasensiya na po at marami lamang pong mga bagay na napagtuunan ng higit na pansin :)

Sa unang huwebes ng buwan ng Hulyo..ito po ang aking lahok

Ito ang kandado na ginagamit namin para sa ming bahay. Tunay nga na ang munting bagay na ito ay nakakapag bigay sa atin ng seguridad sa tuwing tayo ay aalis at iiwan ang mahahalagang bagay sa loob ng ating bagay.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

8 Things

A tag from's to start the month of July. Thanks Mye!

8 Things I'm looking Forward To:

♥ Our trip to Baler, Aurora this weekend
♥ House transfer (hopefully soon)
♥ Getting my Driver's license
♥ My birthday!
♥ Gifts from hubby (should be two)
♥ Baby #2
♥ Our anniversary celebration
♥ A ministry trip to Aklan

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

♥ Went to work
♥ Update my To-do list at work and worked on it.
♥ Search for some songs for the boss.
♥ Ate blueberry cheesecake from coffee bean
♥ Buy some ingredients from the market
♥ Buy vitamins for the little girl
♥ Watched my favorite teleserye
♥ Blog

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

♥ Asian tour with my family
♥ Splurge using my paypal money
♥ Do animation using photoshop
♥ Set up another blog and religiously update it
♥ Be a WAHM..or..
♥ Shift career
♥ Earn bigger than what I'm earning now
♥ Play a musical instrument

8 TV Shows I Watch:

♥ Asap 09
♥ TV patrol news
♥ Bud Brothers
♥ Tayong Dalawa
♥ Etc
♥ AXN TV Series
♥ Discovery Channel

8 People I Tag:
Don't have eight so I'll just tag four :)

♥ Lilet
♥ Jona
♥ Nette
♥ Kitts

Child Dentist

Next week, we’ll be visiting the pedia-dentist that Milet referred to me for my daughter. It’s a good thing that there’s already a pedia-dentist near us now. I had a hard time looking for one before and the nearest was the dentist near my office and what’s more the consultation fee of the dentist in that clinic cost a lot. Since our HMO doesn’t include even dental discounts, we will be shouldering all the expenses. Thanks to Milet. We were able to found a pediatric dentist that does not charge big amount for consultations. I just hope that the little girl will not get cranky once we’re there.

WW: Handbook

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Study IT .

I’ve been conceiving this thought for quite some time now. I’m thinking of shifting career. I’m just torn between getting an online degree in information technology or just enroll for a short term course on an IT school somewhere. A friend told me that it’s better to get the degree online. It’s more convenient for me since I’m still working on an eight to five schedule. I’ve also heard of Capella University, an online university that offers various degrees in business, human services, psychology, public health, education, information technology, and public safety. I’m just not quite sure yet when but I’m really eager to enhance my knowledge and skills in information technology.

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