Monday, May 04, 2009

He's Home...

After two long years, he's finally here...and once again our family's complete.

He arrived last Wednesday, the day before his birthday. He has a friend who came in the Philippine ahead of him who offered to fetch him at the airport so we didn't had a problem on fetching him. What bothered me was the thought of my daughter's reaction when she meets her father. I know she'll get aloof or timid and I was right. Nahiya siya sa daddy niya :). But when her dad started kissing and embracing her, she started responding too. She even doesn't want her dad to get out of her sight. When he did (that's when he went to the wash room), she started looking for him with this statement, "san na yung daddy ko?" (where is my dad?)

The following day was his birthday, and just like what he promised the little girl, we went to SM Marikina. One place done, five more places to go. :D

Hubby and the little girl are starting to build relationship, catching up with one another. I hope that the little girl will enjoy her dad's presence and will continue to get closer to him.

You know what? This was the happiest weekend we had this year!


MiLeT said...

happy family na ulit. nice naman. ang laki na ni jaden.

Vanniedosa said...

wow naman, m jealous!

enjoy the company mhay! ingatz♥