Monday, May 11, 2009

The Best Gift I Received On Mother's Day.

Yesterday, the whole world celebrated mother’s day. Our day! So what did you do? Did you celebrate it also? As for me, we didn’t have the time to celebrate it like I wanted. We just went to church in the morning, then attended a thanksgiving celebration in the afternoon. We didn’t have time to have special dinner. I didn’t receive any bouquet from hubby but I received a wonderful gift. No, not one of those diamond rings on my wish list or any material gifts you can imagine. What I received is more than that….

After six long years, the once broken bridge between my family and our former church was restored. Why we left is a long story. But I’m glad that God really made the way for reconciliation to happen. And we’re happy, hubby and me…that finally, this burden that we carry in our hearts for so many years was taken away and now we have peace.

What happened? We received an invitation from our former pastor coursed through one of our friends to attend the said event. And that's where we spent the whole afternoon yesterday. And I don't regret attending at all. What God did was more than I expected. God really make all things possible and His timing is really perfect!