Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer in Subic

It was a week with rain showers and I thought our planned summer outing won't push through. But God is really good for answering my prayer. I asked for a good weather for this event, and He gave it.

So last Saturday, we had our long over due summer outing. With my colleagues, we drove to Subic. We don't have our annual company outing (due to the global crisis) so we planned our own trip.

Here are pics while we're on the road. It's my first time to travel through SCTEX. I can't believed that the roads are actually built through mountains. The trip was quick because of the good roads.

We arrived before 11am. Because we're all hungry we immediately ordered our lunch. then strolled the place. Btw, the place is Wild Orchid Beach resort.

After lunch, we then went for a swim. We opt to use the pool since the beach area is too crowded and my daughter didn't want the feel of sand on her feet. :D

Unlike our company outing last year, my daughter enjoyed it more now. She enjoyed using the floaters. See?

We only got a little problem when the group decided to stay over night. It was originally a day tour but some colleagues want to enjoy the day to the fullest :D. So we had no choice but to stay with them although I didn't like the idea because of my daughter. Good thing we brought enough milk and a diaper. But my daughter got cranky in the middle of the night, so I didn't get to sleep the whole night. Nanibago yata siya and where we slept is not really comfortable. The five of us , me, my daughter, lilet and her son, Iori and my nanny, slept in one bed! :D

By four am, we head on to leave. We arrived home at 7am giving me enough time to prepare for the church service that morning. After church, we slept the whole afternoon.

All in all, it was fun! Tiring but FUN!


Kitts said...

Hi mhay! Parehas tayo ng pinuntahan for summer outing hehe sarap magswim no! ;) ingat palagi!