Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I’m having a headache. I slept late last night because I scrapped and did some layouts (actually long overdue layouts for Jaden). I also did not get enough sleep since the little lady threw tantrums in the wee hour of the morning. She wants her milk. And I didn’t give her because I want to train her not to suck milk when she sleeps. I’ll tell you, it's a struggle... until now. But I’m so determined not to compromise. She wept, screamed, cried her heart out, but I ignored her. After 20 minutes she was in deep slumber. I don’t want to hear her cry but I don’t want it to be her habit every night or early in the morning. It’s hard, I know I have to do this. Until when? That I don’t know. But I hope sooner. I hope she’ll overcome this.


momstheword said...

It's so hard to watch your baby cry. But really, she will eventually get used to this and won't cry and will go right to sleep.

So just stick with it like you are. In the long run you are teaching her to be able to fall asleep on her own, and that's a good thing!

Better for her to learn it now than years from now!