Thursday, April 02, 2009

So Excited!

The first quarter of the year has ended. We’re now on the second quarter. And am I excited about that? Of course I am! *beaming*

I am excited because now I am no longer counting years or months. I’m already counting days! Yes, and to count, its 27 days to go and hubby will be home.

Hubby did not renew his contract because he doesn’t want to work in the same hospital. He wants to get a job where he can come home more often. He plans to stay here for a maximum of 3 to 4 months. We’re hoping that he already have a job by that time, as our budget won’t permit us if he stays longer, lol!

Anyway, we already have plans when he gets here. We will be spending our weekend in Laguna because his friends there who went home recently invited us to spend the weekend at their place. We will also be going to Mindoro to visit his parents. It’s been years now since our last visit and my in-laws haven’t met our daughter yet. But before that, It will be his birthday on the 30th, and I’m thinking where and how should we celebrate it. I’m planning of booking a hotel and spend the day there, with just the tree of us. Hubby also plans for us to visit Hong Kong, if time and budget permits, lol! In fact yesterday, I already checked for the available flights both in Cebu Pacific and PAL. We’ll finalize it when he gets here. Gosh! I am that excited. I’m already looking forward to these events.


Vanniedosa said...

wow, buti ka pa mhay :) may prmo sa ceb-pac ngyn mura nalang sa HK! :)

Kitts said...

wow less than a month na lang :D happy easter! :D