Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gold Bars

It was surprising news when I heard about a Filipino couple who won 1 million dirham just by purchasing a laptop. The Dh1 million was given to them in a form of gold bars, 9 pieces of them, which are now in safe keeping. They won it luckily through a raffle, with the purchase of a Toshiba laptop. Wow, they are sure so lucky!

Gold bars are good investment for hard assets. Gold does not lose value and is always the best way to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power. Nowadays, more and more people consider gold as a valuable asset. And those investors and collectors are being guided by precious metals investments companies like the Monaco Rare Coin, a member of Monex family of companies. They help investors and collectors in finding the finest rare and precious metals available. They don’t just help you buy these precious metals but also assist you sell your assets.

Apparently, here in the Philippines we do not give precious metals as prizes so I think this couple should consider getting the assistance of this company for their gold bars. They are too precious to loose.