Friday, April 10, 2009

Big girl na talaga ang anak ko....

Yesterday, we were playing inside the room when she accidentally hit me on the head. It hurts a bit so I paused for a moment, lay down and put my hands on my head. Suddenly, she asked me, "mommy, sakit? want water?" She left and when she came back, she already got me a glass of water (a plastic glass, which she filled by herself through the water dispenser). Good thing the dispenser was not plugged in so the water is neither hot or cold. I took the glass, drank and thanked her. I think that's one of her ways to tell me she's concerned.

Then today, when I was reprimanding our helper (I'll write another post about this), inaawat niya ko. She kept on hugging my legs and interrupts me so I'll get distracted. Then when we were on the bed, about to sleep, I was surprised to hear these statement from her, "mommy, please, waag ka na galit kay yaya.." she said it three times. Three times! Did she really know what she just said? I was really surprised to hear this from a 34month old child. Now I'll make sure that I'll be careful with everything I'll say and do when she's around. Everything she sees and hear can be easilly processed by her little, maturing mind. :)


Vanniedosa said...

yah we should remember that our toddlers understand son nga would say "don't cry mommy" when i pretend to cry or something.and then start to pat2x my hair aahahaha

ready na yan maging ate mhay!

~ Mhay ~ said...

kakatuwa na sila no? We should never neglect now their thoughts and opinions when they say it out loud :)

heheh, ready to be an ate?? naku ha. hehe.