Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm still here...

It’s been quite a while. My last entry was Thursday of last week. So now here I am, trying to take a break from my slight hiatus. I do have some updates to post but whenever I regain my root from my fluctuating blogging mood, I end up staring blankly on my monitor. Not knowing exactly what to write let alone how to begin a post. I end up feeling lost. Aside from the fact that online work is super slow these days. My newly bought domain is still not running yet and I’m already getting impatient with GoDaddy. Hayz!...Anyway, as I don’t really want to fill this post with lots of frustrations, here are some updates on me this past few days…

  • I brought my youngest brother to the hospital last Thursday. He was diagnosed of fluid-congested lungs. The fluid has to be removed immediately and an operation has to be done. The fact that I am the only person who can take him to the hospital (all my sisters are at work), I was the one who helped him be admitted. He was there for almost a week. He underwent two operations to completely remove the fluid and four X-ray procedures to check if all fluid were removed. And finally, the other day, he was discharged. Thank God he’s okay now. Still weak but recovering.

  • Hubby received a letter of appointment from a hospital in Madrid, Spain. The other day we were able to talk through YM and he mentioned about his application and immediate job offer. He also sent me the appointment letter. After reading it I had the feeling that it was fraud. Why? Because of the awe-inspiring benefits they’re offering. Amazing pay, weekly allowances, new car, a super nice accommodation. Based on this alone, a wise person can tell that there might be a catch, right? Plus, I noticed that the appointment letter was not written on the hospital’s letter head. There isn’t any logo of the hospital. Plus, when I checked the hospital’s website, the name of the HR director was not even the one who signed the letter. Aside from that the signatory of the letter mentioned that my husband will have to send them €900 for the processing of his working permit though he also said that it’s refundable. My instinct was telling me that this is a scam. A fraudulent scheme. I told my husband to check with their HR if there are other employees who were offered the same. And sure enough, there are other employees who were sent the same letter but from another signatory. Their hospital told them that it's indeed a scam.

*I’m heaving a sigh* If we weren’t wise enough we might be already caught by this trap. Thank God for the wisdom.

So there…I was able to compose a long post. I never thought I could write this in just 10 minutes. Haha! Have a great day everyone :)