Friday, March 20, 2009

Bullet points

I’m short on time, thus the bullet points;

  • I finished reading “The Duke” by Catherine Coulter. A romance novel, which took to me as far as Scotland and which I almost missed sans my eagerness to revive my penchant for reading. Three more books are next in line.
  • I was fascinated with some few hacks I’ve learned to reformat my XP. With a little patience and tremendous effort, I’ve installed, played and tweaked the program to make my PC looks akin to Mac. And I like it. Now, I’m more inspired to work on my PC.
  • I’m thinking of enrolling the little lady to a swimming class this summer. Thanks for Milet’s enthusiasm to look for a school. I’ve learned the school from her.
  • So we’ll be going there tomorrow to inquire.

Will be back ….Ciao!