Saturday, February 21, 2009

WS: Chasing Butterflies

The little girl and I went to the sports park early Saturday morning to jog a little and get a little bit of fresh air. After that we went to the nearby McDonald's as she really wanted to play at the play place..she wants to play on the slides so I let her. But because she's still small, and she doesn't have anybody to guide her on the slides, she wasn't able to play...she didn't had fun She was even bullied a little bit by one of the big boys playing. So we left McDonald's with my sad little girl.

To lighten up her mood I took her to the garden inside Marquinton Residences where she was able to play and chase butterflies. Here she is...running and chasing butterflies...

She also got me a flower (she saw it lying on the floor so she picked it up).....maybe it's her way of saying "Thank you mommy..."

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Jade said...

Ohh what a pretty and sweet little girl you have there.

Can you handle it?

How big is big?

FickleMinded said...

she's so adorable!

sweetytots said...

awww that's sweet.. I try to stay away from those play areas too. That also happened to my little girl, the bigger kids bully the little ones. Its a good decision to go to a park, we also went to play in a park in Makati before, much better place, because very few goes to parks anymore. She can run everywhere. my entry is here

MiLeT said...

uy sayang. nde kami lumabas ni anevay last sat kung d nagkita tayo jan.

re: summer swimming classes. mukhang walang malapit dito sa marikina for their age. pero tumitingin pa rin ako.

pero kung naghahanap ka ng summer classes ung mother goose sa provident village meron sila mhay. twice a week yata. nde pa ko nakatawag ulit so nde ko pa alam ung schedule nila. ito number nila 9417923.

Lynn said...

It's more fun in the outdoors playing with butterflies around. So nice. Your daughter's cute. I like chubby kids. :)

My WS entry is here. Hope you can visit.

Heart of Rachel said...

She's a lovely girl. Wonderful sequence shots.

Dyes said...

how sweet! :)

it was also my problem when big boys bully my little son in the playground.

anyway, i had a hearty laugh last weekend when my son showed off his cool trick here

have a great week :)