Thursday, February 05, 2009

I got sick

I was MIA again...this time not because I'm busy. I got sick for two days. My gastro hit me again. Hayz!

The other day I went home early since I was not feeling well. When I got home, my daughter was sleeping in the sala. So I went immediately to the room and covered my self with blanket. When I woke up I already had fever and my daughter was on my side...she was crying. It's the first time I saw her so concerned about me. Here's what I heard her saying while her tears pouring...

"Mommy, sakit ba?"
"Mommy, hot ka.."
"Mommy, o... fisket oil...(giving me the efficascent oil, maybe because this is what I usually rub on her tummy when she says it hurts. She thought that would also relieved my pain)

When I take my meds she smiled at me and her eyes twinkled and said.."Mommy, no more sakit?"

I was so touched knowing that my daughter love me so much.