Thursday, February 12, 2009

95% Potty Trained..

And I'm looking forward to a 100% success.

I was supposed to write about this last week but many things prevented me from blogging...

Anyway, I am just so happy that since last week, my daughter haven't wet any shorts or undies! Yes..and that's quite an accomplishment! I stop putting diapers on her during the day since November last year. And since then, the laundry is filled with shorts soaked with urine. So the nanny will washed them everyday. I only put diapers on her during the night as I don't want our bed to stink. Last month, she finally learned where to pee but sometimes she forget and when she ran out of time she will just pee on the spot. When she pooped, she's 100% trained already. She knows now where to go and she will call me or her nanny to assist her as she will go direct to the comfort room and not on her potty trainer. There was also a time when she was wearing a jogging pants and an underwear, she was shouting "wee-wee!" while hastily removing her pants then immediately ran toward her potty-trainer and sat down. When she finished she said, "very good...!"

I am thinking now of completely removing her from diapers. Maybe I'll just think of a way to get rid of a soaked and stinky bed.


MiLeT said...

ay ang haba na ng hair ni jaden ang cute.

Mye said...

very good si jaden ah! =)Happy Hearts Day, Mhay!