Friday, January 16, 2009


Noticed that I am not blogging regularly? Blame it to the blogging mode does not sink in yet. I do have a lot of topics to blog but aside from not having the mood, I'm also caught up with several activities which made me even busier.

Anyway, I do hope that I'll be able to regain my mood this weekend and be able to write some post here and on my other blog. I'm also cooking yet another site (which will need a lot of attention as well). Will tell you about it once my good friend Milet is done fixing my problem (love you sis!).

Before I look for cardboard displays (for my sister's project), here are some updates on me and my family:

1. I had my new haircut last Sunday.
2. I was voted as one of the Board of Directors of our high school alumni association.
3. Hubby already filed his exit application and will be coming home by April.
4. Jaden is 2.7 months old and getting more curious and makulit. I can now leave for work without her crying for me. (that's if I told her that she'll have her donuts when I get home ;)