Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year..Happy New Thoughts

It's the last day of the long vacation. We will all be back to our normal lives. Back to our old routines. Back to the real world.

What was the best with the long Christmas vacation? It was the time I spent with my daughter and my family. For almost two weeks that I spent with my daughter it made me learned so many things about her and I was able to bond with her for a long time. On her part naman, she maybe get the hang of it (na kasama niya ko maghapon) kaya even if I asked the yaya to bathe her she would always prefer me taking care of her over her yaya. It adds also that her yaya went on vacation from Monday last week until Friday so kami lang talaga sa house ang magkasama maghapon. What I learned about her? She can communicate very well with me. She knows the colors green, red, yellow, blue, orange, and violet. She has a lot of stories to tell mommy everyday.

But I had to face reality na balik na uli sa normal ang life. This means balik trabaho so balik na uli sa original na gabi na lng kami magkikita. I know I'll miss her.

Anyway, new year means resolutions. I don't make new year resolutions but I want to see 2009 as a blessed year, I want to turn into a new leaf ...on my work and my life as a whole..with God's help and direction. God has been so good and faithful to me and my family and I am just so thankful for that.

Well, Happy New year everyone and let's all hope and pray for a blessed year not just for our selves or family but also for our country.


MiLeT said...

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Ozzy's Mom said...

hi mhay new year new blog din? eheheh

Anonymous said...

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Carlos said...

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