Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last Christmas was fun and it also left me an empty wallet, hahaha! I didn't buy something for my self except for the Belle de Jour planner which I love using everyday. But here are some gifts I received that made me happy.

  1. A Going Straight Salon gift card from my sister. I'll use it after three months because I just had my hair rebonded. Maybe I'll use it for a hair color.
  2. A bag from my "monito". He gave me a bag that is higher than the agreed price of our "kris-kringle". I love the bag and I use it everyday.
  3. An apple green pouch for special occasion courtesy of one of my bosses.
  4. A white tee from another boss and a cellphone pouch from my friend-officemate.
Hubby didn't send me his gift. He said he'll just bring it when he comes home. I'm excited because he said he bought me a pair of gold earrings. :) I can't wait for April!


Ozzy's Mom said...

wow ang sweet naman; yan ang magandang gift - jewelry! di mag dedepreciate ahahaha^^