Saturday, December 27, 2008

She Loves Barbie

This is one of the gifts she received this Christmas and she love her so much. It was her first time to actually hugged a Barbie doll. I never wanted her sana a Barbie doll. She had barbie shoes, dresses, utensils, but not a doll. Feeling ko kasi magiging kikay masyado :D. But my officemate who was so fond of her bought this, so no choice :D. She was so excited as she opened the box and even got even more giddy when she saw Barbie. :D

Do you know what's a coilovers is?


sweetytots said...

she's so cute!!!1 happy new year mhay!

Kitts said...

Happy new year! :D Happy talaga si Jaden sa Barbie nya ah :) Dani got one from her birthday last May pero nung isang araw lang nya nilaro, nakita nya din kasi sa pinsan nya so naisip ko baka gusto na nya din ;)

Aniya said...

Happy New Year...What a cute girl! :-)